New dates & location to be announced soon! North Dallas Region, Texas.
We believe now more than ever, LIFE MUST GO ON. 


New Date and Location: TBD

The LIFE Agenda includes a unique 7-POINT Patriotic Program, one bonus segment, and a celebration banquet... all built to equip attendees with personal freedom tools to deploy across multiple areas of LIFE. For more content information, view the category details below.

Five (5) Equipping Categories:

  • Education Freedoms

  • Marketplace Freedoms

  • Workplace Freedoms

  • Health/Medical Freedoms

  • Political Freedoms

Two (2) Honoring Categories:

  • America's Real History

  • America's Real Heroes


  • Keynote Closing: "Planning for the Future; Being Aware is Being Free" (Transhumanism, Technocracy, Globalism, Authoritarianism)

  • Celebration VIP Banquet

Education Freedoms

The Need for Total Education Reform

Both inside and outside the home

Freedom In Education:

Marketplace Freedoms

Freedoms In Media:

Big Media, Social Media, New Media (alternative / trustworthy resources)

Freedoms In Commerce:

Freedoms in Tech / Privacy:

Your Personal Life: Interconnectivity and surveillance realities for the home and everyday life

Freedoms In Money Management:

Workplace Freedoms

For Business Leaders / Employers

For Small Businesses

Today's Available Resources (grants, post-COVID loans, SBA, etc.)

For Faith-Based Employers

Exercising faith principles as an employer regarding staying open, healthcare options, right to serve/decline

For Employees:

The Great Resignation or the Great New Independent Economy? New Opportunities Made Possible by the Pandemic Madness

Health & Medical Freedoms

How Did We Get Here and Where Are We Headed?

Prevention and Outpatient Protocols to Persure / Avoid

Today's knowledge about the safety and efficacy of "controversial" protocols: monoclonal antibodies, HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, and healthy over-the-counter methods

Hospitalization Treatments to Pursue / Avoid

Today's knowledge about the safety and efficacy of inhaled Budesonide, Remdisivir, ventilation, and other hospital COVID protocols

Preparing Yourself Medically

Preparing Yourself Legally

Pathology Does Not Lie

The rise of cancers and other undeniable pathology trends over the last 24 months

Uncensored: Verify Before Vaxxing

Give Them A Voice

Adverse Reaction Testimonies: Personal, but NOT rare.

Political Freedoms

Revving the Grassroots Engine, TEXAS-Style

YOU are needed, regardless of your experience

Pick Your Political Lane: How to Activate on Behalf of Your Community

America's REAL Foundations

Constitutionalism Matters: Why America is so different

A perspective from an outsider-turned-political-powerhouse

The State of Black America

Urban Conservatives of America: "Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave." — Frederick Douglass

Hands-On American History

For All Ages: An inspiring review of America's unique story

America's REAL Heroes

And How to Support Them

Bonus: "Planning for the future: Being aware is being free."

Transhumanism, Technocracy, Globalism, Authoritarianism, and the eye-opening Biblical lens

VIP Banquet:

Inspirational keynotes and a celebration of charities fostering freedoms from human trafficking, homelessness, addiction, disaster impact, and other obstacles hindering the fullness of LIFE.